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Saju Thankappan

Ph: (+91) 97899 19490

Experience Summary

  • Frontend & .Net Architect for more than 10 years

  • More than 20 years of experience in Information Technology.

  • Design / Solution considering all application requirements, including functional & non-functional (performance, security, quality, etc.) requirements.

  • Involved in Architecture, Design, Development, Database Administration, Analysis, Estimation, Migration, Maintenance, Unit Testing, Production Support and Technology Consulting

  • Experienced in Web, Client-Server & Telephone based applications.

  • Exposure to Agile/Scrum and traditional development practices.

  • Web Technologies – Includes React, Next.js, Node.js, ASP.NET, MVC, REST/SOAP Web Services, AngularJs, Javascript. Experienced in Single Page Applications and JAM stack applications with responsive design.

  • Database - Worked in MongoDB, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MySQL Databases

  • Worked in cloud computing with IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, using Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

  • Solid understanding on emerging technologies like Rust & Go languages, Svelte.js, lit / web components, web assembly, etc.

  • Domain Expertise – Retail, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Banking & Finance, Life Science, Retail verticals, Shipping for clients such as Reliance, Xerox, Harris, Covance, Ingenix, ADP, MSC in various projects


  • Effective handling of unknown situations and challenges

  • Sound knowledge in Design Patterns including, MVC, MVP, Domain Model, Data Mapper, Repository, Unit of Work, etc.

  • Adherence to SOLID design principles and experienced in MS patterns and practices

  • Design applications which are easy to maintain, loosely coupled, reliable, secure and high performing, using Layered architecture / Onion architecture.

  • Effective handling of cross-cutting concerns like Logging, Security, Transaction Management, Caching, etc.

  • Well versed with technology advancements and ability to quickly experiment with new relevant technologies & tools and provide suggestions/recommendations

  • Effective mentoring of teams with varied individual talents/strengths

  • Interface with clients, Requirement gathering, Development, Support, Maintenance

  • Excellent analytical, logical and programming skills


  • Master of Science (M.S) - Information Technology & Software Engineering - 2005-2007: Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) – Electronics & Communication - 1995-1999: Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, India

Employer Details

  • Mindtree Limited – From Oct 2018 till date

  • Hexaware Technologies – From Oct 2016 to Oct 2018

  • MSC Technology India – Apr 2016 to Oct 2016

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions - Jun 2004 to Apr 2016

  • HCL Perot Systems - Feb 2004 to May 2004

  • Ecotech Software Pvt Ltd – Dec 1999 to Jul 2003

Contribution to Society & Open Source

  • Created and maintaining web site, services and jobs for Chennai Cyclists, which includes integration with Strava for activities auto-import and Razorpay for payment processing.

  • Tool for web page speed measurement & ongoing tracking using lighthouse

  • Rust client SDKs for Contentful, Strava and helper components for Razorpay

Technology Feats

  • Create multiple sites following JAM stack architecture for creating sites with maximum page speed scores using React, Next.js, Contentful Headless CMS and Node.js services.

  • Creation of reference architecture / application for Healthcare Vertical

  • Resolved performance issues in multiple React & .Net based critical projects

  • Expertise in reducing manual processes through innovation / automation

  • Utilization of workflow tools and rule engines to make the application more flexible for changes.

  • Used MVC pattern for improving separation of concerns and testability. In ASP.Net Web Forms based applications, implemented Model-View-Presenter design pattern to get similar benefits.

  • Ioc Containers like Unity framework, Autofac were used extensively to encourage decoupling of components.

  • Data Access design patterns like Repository pattern, Unit of Work pattern were used for accessing database. Entity Framework & Dapper was typically used for data access purposes.

  • Mini-Profiler was implemented to provide simple but effective profiling, which enabled developers to get immediate feedback on key performance data.

  • Used LibLog & Log4Net for handling logging capabilities across the application.

  • Used RabbitMQ, framework for message queue, scheduling purposes and used Task Parallel Library for parallelism in .Net.

  • Used Pechkins & Nustache libraries for creating pdf documents.

  • Used Visual Voice Pro components for interfacing VB programs with telephone systems

  • Mac desktop application development/maintenance using Omnis Studio IDE

  • Independently handled MS SQL Server Development Database Administration

  • Used SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) in .Net application to investigate SQL Server database schema and convert them into SQL scripts customized for specific project needs

  • Used Analysis Management Objects (AMO) .Net application to manipulate the SQL Server Analysis Services objects including Cubes, Dimensions and Measures

  • Used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for performing data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL)

  • Created a custom email-based replication system from the ground up for Sybase SQL Anywhere tailored for project specific needs

  • Independently handled installing Sybase SQL Anywhere Server & help maintaining the server

  • Involved in creating end-to-end ERP product for the Textile & Garment Export Companies

  • Used PowerBuilder to create Distributed multi-tier applications & MAPI interfacing

Technical Skills

Programming Languages / IDEJavascript/Typescript, C#, Rust, Go, Visual Basic 5.0, PowerBuilder , Visual Studio, Vi, OmnisStudio
Web/UI TechnologiesReact, Svelte, Lit, Web Components, Web Assembly, Tailwind, Bulma, Angular.js, PHP, jQuery`
DatabasesMongoDB, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Oracle
VCSGit, TFS, Subversion, PVCS, VSS, ClearCase
OSWindows NT/XP/2000, Unix, Linux

Recent Project Experience

P&G ModernWeb

Client: Procter & Gamble

Technology: React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Node.js, Azure SQL, Azure APIM, Contentful CMS, Akamai Identity Cloud, Swiftype Search,

Period: Oct 2016 – May 2018

Project Description

Create brand websites and multi-brand websites, using ModernWeb technologies, including React, Next.js and Node.js, integrating with P&G internal systems and external systems, including legacy platforms.

Roles and Responsibilities

Technical Architect, Design, Create Proof of Concepts, Mentor Team Members, Code Review, Performance Analysis

Service Network & Global FleetNet (GFN)

Client: FleetCor

Technology: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, SQL Server, Enterprise Library, Autofac, Redhat BRMS

Period: Oct 2016 – May 2018

Project Description

Provision of the complete service, maintenance and repair function, through the definition of supplier networks, service booking, electronic authorisation and payment processing for cars, LCVs, trucks and plant.

Roles and Responsibilities

Technical Architect, Design, Create Proof of Concepts, Mentor Team Members, Code Review, Performance Analysis

Healthcare Technology Consulting

Client: TriZetto, Reliance, Express Scripts, Xerox, Cigna

Technology: C#, C++, MVC, MVP, ASP.Net, WCF, JavaScript, AngularJs, jQuery, AJAX, SQL Server, Enterprise Library, Unity Framework, Savvion BPM, Skelta BPM, Blaze BRE

Period: Apr 2013 – Apr 2016

Project Description

Provide technology consulting on .net based projects to multiple clients & projects in healthcare vertical.

Roles and Responsibilities

Application Architect, Design, Create Proof of Concepts, Mentor Team Members, Code Review, Performance Analysis