Convert to zola

Posted 03 Aug 2021

Having loved the experince of using zola for this site, thought of migrating (which was created using eleventy) also to zola

Website url:


  1. Delete eleventy/npm related files at root
rm package.json package-lock.json .eleventy.js 
  1. Update .gitignore to reflect zola
  1. Create a temporary folder temp and init zola, and follow prompts
mkdir temp
cd temp
zola init
  1. Move all files & folders in temp to root folder, and remove temp folder
mv  ./* ../
cd ..
rm -rf ./temp
  1. Create templates/base.html, based on src/layout.njk

  2. Create templates/index.html as below..

{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block content %}

<h2 class="title">
  Hello World!
{% endblock content %}

  1. Create folder content/brm and create
title = "BRM"
sort_by = "date"
template = "brm.html"
page_template = "brm-topic.html"
  1. Copy all files from src/brm/*.njk to content/brm.

  2. Remove the front matter content from all these files in content/brm, and add zola specific front matter content. For example..

title = "BRM Checklist"
date = 2021-08-01
  1. Remove src folder
rm -rf src
  1. Videos page uses amp-youtube component. We can replace this with zola youtube shortcode

Old Code:


New Code: (To be used within braces {{..}})

youtube(id="9EpofVekJx8", class="youtube")
  1. Run zola serve to preview the site
zola serve
  1. All done!